Ride Plaza

447 Athens Hwy : Loganville GA 30052

Phone: (770) 837-2153
fax: (770) 837-2125
Email: rideplaza.com

About Us

There are so many car dealerships around. Why choose us?

  1. Prices: We don't mark up our cars as much as other dealerships. We keep our prices low and competitive with other similar vehicles in the area. If you find a better deal - call us and we'll do our best to match the price.
  2. Reliability: We offer 90 day free warranty on major and expensive components such as engines and transmissions. We check all fluids, brakes, and oil before selling.
  3. Emissions: We pass emission on all cars before sale.
  4. Financing: We work with local banks and credit unions to help find you financing at low rates. If you have bad credit score, we may offer buy here pay here financing.

If you are looking for a reliable car at a low price - you're at right place. Your next car is waiting on you.

Contact Info

Address: 447 Athens Hwy : Loganville, GA 30052
Phone: (770) 837-2153
Fax: (770) 837-2125
Email: rideplaza.com